(max 95)

The ‘Edwardian’ is a top class luxurious boat built by Richard Branson for his own pleasure in the late 1980s. Plush lower deck with light oak panelled walls, very much a clubroom style. She has a separate mezzanine bar and an open top deck offering great views of London.

She can seat up to 60 for silver service meals, up to 95 for buffets or barbecues. Cocktail cruises, served meals, meetings and conferences all work well on this splendid vessel. We can even put in a dance floor if required!

The Edwardian was one the selected vessels to lead the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Floatilla and had London's Philharmonic Orchestra on board.


  • Evening Charter from £2,050
  • Prices based on cheapest evening hire
  • Rates vary based on day & time
  • Send us an enquiry for bespoke quote